Wrong Time, Wrong Place


De 25e editie van IDFA opent op 14 november in Pathé Tuschinski met Wrong Time Wrong Place van John Appel, geproduceerd door Carmen Cobos. De film is een essay over de nietigheid van het leven en de rol die toeval daarin speelt. Uitgangspunt zijn de gebeurtenissen in Noorwegen op 22 juli 2011, toen 77 mensen omkwamen bij de bomaanslagen in Oslo en de schietpartij op het eiland Utoya.

Ter ere van het 25jarig bestaan van IDFA wordt de film op dezelfde avond in 25 verschillende theaters, door heel Nederland vertoond.

woensdag 14 november, 2012 20:30

On 22 July 2011, the world was shocked by a bomb attack in the centre of Oslo and a senseless killing-spree on the island Utoya that took the lives of 77 innocent people. It was the brutal act of one man: Anders Breivik.
They were innocent people who, one could say, were at the wrong time at the wrong place. They got up that morning, showered, had a relaxing breakfast, some kissed their ghtest idea that they would not see the end of that day.
Wrong Time, Wrong Place shows the role of (sometimes absurd) coincidence in this tragedy. How a sequence of small, trivial happenings marks the thin line between life and death. Two minutes earlier or later can be of decisive importance.
On this fatal day the lives of the various main characters cross with ineradicable consequences. The Norwegian civil servant in de Department of Justice Harald, the Ugandian refugee Ritah, the Georgian girl Tamta an 22 July 2011 precipice every minute of the day. Everybody tries to find explanations in their own way, in the hope that the parachute will open when the moment of the fall is there.
Wrong Time, Wrong Place is a film about the bargain with fate. However much one tries to influence fate, in the end coincidence calls the shots.
Written and directed by: John Appel
Produced by: Carmen Cobos for Cobos Films Executive producer: Kees Rijninks Commissioning editor: Bert Janssens for HUMAN
Photography Erik van Empel ? Sound Mark Wessner ? Editor Mario Steenbergen Music Wouter van Bemmel ? Sound Design Hugo Dijkstal
Made with the support of CoBO Fund, Mediafonds & The Netherlands Film Fund in co-production with Lichtpunt, YLE & ZDF/Arte.


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